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SIEMENS Moore Process Automation


ManufacturerSIEMENS Moore Process Automation
Product titleQuadlog
Strength1.   Safety rated I/O module, each channel by choice programmable as input or output.
2.   Structured text programming.
3.   The shut down function of outputs can be select channel by channel.
4.   Low operating temperature down to minus 25°C.
Weakness1.   System structure with redundant CCM (Critical Control Module) and single channel I/O can only be used to AK4.
2.   In a 1oo2D system one CCM is in a 'calculate mode' the second CCM in verify mode. To switch the CPU mode from verify to calculate a 'Master Enable Relay' is required. Failure to activate the verify module via the relay will shut down the system.
3.   A detected output circuit failure will cause a 2 cycle glitch (lose of output signal) until the passive output module set is activated.
4.   Only the CCM and one I/O module (CDM: Critical Device Module) shall be used in process safety critical circuits. All other hardware modules are only interference free (HIMA term: non-interacting) modules, also the analogue input module, and shall not be used for process safety critical circuits.
5.   Some of the available elements of the function block programming are not admissible for process safety critical circuits.
6.   For fail safe sensors two different CDMs have to be configured in AK5+6.
7.   For not fail safe sensors 2 x 2 channels on 2 different CDMs are required in AK5+6.
8.   No safety related SIO communication available.
9.   For Modbus communication a special hardware module is required.
10.  The process safety time is 3.2 seconds + 2 x cycle time or at least 6 x cycle time (the longer time is the valid one).
11.  Time limit for the single channel operation in AK 1-5: 72 h, in AK6: no single channel operation or 1 h under specified conditions.
Specialities in prices1.   All system structures can be used up to AK6.
2.   Higher test level because of interchanging operation mode of the redundant CPUs.
3.   With redundant I/Os no effect to the field.
4.   The CPU and different types of I/O modules can be used for critical circuits also analogue modules.
5.   All function block elements of ELOP II-NT are admissible for critical circuits and additionally a lot of software building blocks.
6.   One safety related input module required.
7.   2 channels on one safety relatedinput module are required.
8.   Safety related communication with HIBUS-FS.
9.   Modbus communication is part of the central module (in hardware and opera-ting system.
10.  In all HIMA PLCs the safety time is programmable and min. 1 second.
11.  No time limit for AK6 single channel operation.


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