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Industrial software on demand

With more of 10 years experience in the development of industrial software, we are in a position to supplying solutions already tested and of optimal quality, thanks to methodologies of precise and documented development software.

We develop components, task, and dedicated software on customer specification; 40% of our software exchange data between production machines, and international ERP - SCADA system, 20% are firmware dedicated to a specific machine, 40% are front-end software for pharmaceutical and scientific machine or instruments.

Software and Hardware product companies are under increasing pressure to develop new products keeping in step with emerging technologies while keeping the costs down. The success of any such initiative is heavily dependent on the accuracy of the roadmap, the design, development and execution of action plan and on the time taken for delivery.

Having partnered with several companies, both large and small, in developing and launching many product suites, FLK is ideally positioned to address these needs. FLK's focus on product engineering combined with distributed object oriented development has helped it to evolve several components, methodologies and frameworks to address different scenarios. These reduce the cost, time-to-market and risk of execution while boosting the quality of the product.
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