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We are experinced automation, and networking consultants. We help our clients archive they business goals through the better application and with highest technological level.

FLK recognizes that technician in manufactory today have a tougher job that ever before . Selection of systems and components are very difficult , and each decision will dictate future decisions for many years. More than ever , plant automation, information and networking directly contribute to ability of the plant to meet manufactory gools. System Administrator, disarter recovery , standards, tecnology plans are always more important.

FLK Consulting provides the right service and products to turn tecnology components into well designed, administered, documented, supportable and high performing system.


Industry sometimes forgoes great solution to settle for copromise from big suppliers that are no flexible. This strategy often locks the plant into expensive, mediocre performing, systems chosen in an attempt to avoid failure rather than archive success.

FLK Consulting helps our clients plan systems (software, hardware, and networks) to support their production success. We help clients build highly maintainable systems that maximize utilization of existing functional components. We do the research, planning, system specification, documentation, and risk analysis to eliminate the fear of failure and allow our clients to choose solutions that can lead to ground breaking success. We also produce the system administration, troubleshooting, and user manuals that allow our clients to have confidence in their system without giving up control of their future.

Good Night's Sleep

Outdated system documentation, inconsistent system management practices, and non-existent disaster recovery procedures can turn a simple component failure into major downtime and lost production in a plant. This can ruin careers at all level of the organization and it can ruin a good night's sleep

FLK Consulting with procedure of disaster recovery, and maintenance system, can be yours insurance on downtime production.


Plant engineers don't have time to produce operator graphical interface standards, system configuration standards, produce written operating procedures, maintenance procedures, and system specifications. Instead contractors are hired to build graphical displays and configure systems any way they like. The result is that the graphics are always different and often non-intuitive and poorly conceived. The system configuration or programming is hard to understand and troubleshoot. System maintenance and future modification is difficult and unnecessarily expensive. Maintenance troubleshooting and operator performance is also negatively affected.

FLK Consulting with special standards, will help make your engineering, operations and maintenance hours more affective.

FLK Consulting has a focused desire to help our clients and that focus is the driving force of our business.

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