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Scada system

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, (SCADA), is fundamentalally a package software that is located logically over to the members hardware with which it is interfaced, generally through Programmable Logic Controllers, (electronic PLC), or other apparatuses.

This package software opportunely shaped and personalized, allows one easier management of the system and the process from enslaved it. In fact the production technicians, through SCADA and its functions of synoptic visualization and command, are in a position to visualizing and commanding in remote all the parts of the system. The process therefore mainly turns out controlled and documented also when geographically distributed in more centers.

Scada Architecture

The software SCADA is composed from many programs separates, constructed around to a RTDB, (Real Time Database). It is not other that one database, with the ability to answering to the demands for reading and writing in real time, from more programs at the same time. Taking advantage of this center node, all these programs calls "Task", everyone with specific functions, operate as a single and exchanges the information in transparent way.
SCADA structure
Conceptually the systems SCADA are uniforms in three fundamental areas: Develop, Server & Client.The first Develop, is usually invisibile to the final customer and serves in order to personalize the software on the requirements of the system and the user, and on the communication towards the PLC. The second Server area is the part that acquits to the main functions and are the heart of the system. The third Client area is taken care of the interface with the customer and the graphical visualization.

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