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ManufacturerSMS Honeywell (HSMS)
Product titleFSC100,101
FSC 202
FSC 2oo4D
Strength1.   Bigger project by the parent company (package units, complete plants).
2.   QMR CPU approved by TÜV for use in AK6 or SIL3. Also UL proofed.
3.   QMRÔ is trade marketed by Honeywell.
4.   Due to integration better communication possible.
5.   UCN bus communication with Honeywell. Connection via interface module in FSC to the UCB bus no PLC gateway required. Coupling also possible in redundant mode. Advantage in prices only for new plants.
6.   More memory for the user program because of pluggable memory modules.
7.   Mixed configuration HS and HRS possible, only with additional bus communication module.
8.   With the new CPU also in single channel systems no time limitation.
9.   Provides life-cycle safety service around the world.
10.  Safety consulting, for example software 'SIL validation tool'.
11.  SOE independent from of the scan cycle. Event resolution 1 ms shall be possible.
Weakness1.   After each modification (also for set points out of the logic an EPROM has to be programmed for the communication module.
2.   Only one non safety-related input module available (4-fold) for (Ex)i).
3.   Long compiler times (more than 15 min).
4.   EMC problems (operation only with closed cabinet). Using cabinets with NEMA 1 certification.
5.   Different I/O modules with the same functions are required for the different systems, no upward compatibility.
6.   Redundant I/O modules have to be arranged side by side.
7.   Separated I/O subracks are required for redundant and non-redundant I/O modules and a combined system with further bus communication modules.
8.   No redundancy with power supplies, for each CPU an own power supply.
9.   With I/O modules the field signals and the 5 V feeding are wired in one connector.
10.  Switching off of redundancy resp. system after the occurrence time for the second failure in case of failures on the output module.
11.  Redundant/secondary deenergizing of the safety related outputs. Needs external relays to each output or to a group of outputs. If one output module of one group fails, the whole group will shut down.
12.  No Off-line simulation with the engineering software available.
Specialities in prices 
RemarksThere is no certification for the new CPU with QMR available. The development of the hardware design is finished, the software is not finished.


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